About Stevie G.


I appreciate that you are taking the time to visit my photography showcase.  If you are looking for high quality, fairly priced commercial photography, you are going to love working with me.  I enjoy shooting a wide variety of subjects, however, most of my clients are in these specialty areas:

  • Restaurants and Food Service
  • Jewelry and Fashion
  • Professional and Theatrical Portraits
  • Motorcycle Action and Lifestyle

One of the main reasons clients love working with me is that I deliver far more value than the cost of the photography services. You see, over the years, I have developed an expertise in small business marketing, and I bring this talent to my commercial clients. Along with delivering the high quality photographs you need, I will give you useful marketing strategies and help you execute them, often at no additional charge.  I can also assist you with video production from your photos, video marketing, designing marketing pieces, and writing copy for your marketing campaign.

My Digital Time Machine:

One of the primary reasons I love the camera is because it allows me to “freeze time”.  As we engage in our busy lives we drive through our cities, passing people and nature rarely able to stop and focus on the world around us.  As a professional photographer, I have learned to look at our world in a different way, and I pride myself on being able to capture moments in time that most people never get to see on their own. Photography allows me the ability to capture the nuances of the world in which we live and to share those with you… the observer.

Being a professional commercial photographer is a role that I take very seriously.  Whether I am capturing the essence of a person for an magazine editorial, shooting diamond rings, lighting an exquisite dish for a restaurant client, or exposing the beauty in the lines of a motorcycle, you can rest assured that you will receive my very best.