Q.     What kind of photographer are you?

A.      A good one? Shooooooooot, how do you answer a question like that?  What kind of client are you?

Q.     Alright, what kind of pictures do you take?

A.     Uh, well, I think the last picture I took, I almost got caught by the lady behind the counter. So, I no longer take them, instead I learned to create my own, some of which you see posted here!

Q.     Do you do weddings?

A.    Yes, I will shoot smaller intimate weddings, but for larger more formal weddings, I recommend my friend Charlie G.  Check him out at www.charliegphoto.com

Q.     Well then what type of photos do you create?

I create images depending on the needs and desires of my clients, primarily in the area of food, products, portraits, and motorcycle action.

Q.    What kind of camera equipment do you use?

A.     I am proudly a Nikon snob. I currently have Nikon’s D7100, and D90, in my bag.  I also rely on Nikon professional lenses for macro and high speed action work. And my favorite wide angle lenses are made by Sigma. We have the ability to rent any specialty items we need so, no job is out of reach, and if it is I will be the first to admit it.

Q.     If I want original photographs for my home or office art collection can I buy photos from  you?

A.    Yes. In fact, many clients have asked me to create something original just for them.  For example publisher of a motorcycle magazine had a room in his house which he had  painted orange and black, the signature colors for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles (it was the “boys” room you see).  Anyway, he could not find motorcycle art  that was worthy of hanging in his room.  So, I created a really cool  montage of motorcycle photos which I took during Harley’s 100th Anniversary celebration in Milwaukee. I finished it in my signature Gallery Print style, with his name in the caption, to make it look as if it the print came from a museum art gallery.  Well, he went crazy over this and hung a 24×36 framed print in the center of his media room.

Q.      Wow, well how much do you charge?

A.      Shooooooooot, if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it! Hee Hee, I have always wanted to use that line, I heard it a lot when I lived near Beverly Hills. The answer is, I do not charge as much as I did when I was a lawyer, but I charge more than when I used to sell my music CD’s at concerts.  The reality is that money is not the issue. What you are really asking is how much value you will receive for your money, isn’t it?

Q.      Well yes, I suppose that’s right. So what is the value of doing business with you?

A.  The value of doing business with me is immeasurable. I’m not being flippant here, it’s a fact.  I am more than someone who sets up lights, poses his subject be it a person, a strawberry, or diamond ring, snaps the shutter and walks away with a paycheck.  More than likely, I will come out knowing more about you, and or your business than you know about  me or  mine.  What this means is, I take an interest in my clients and strive to build a relationship that goes beyond producing a series of digital images. The result is that we often find other ways to work together, and are able to refer business and other opportunities of benefit to each other.

I strive to give my clients more than what they have paid for, be it useful ideas for putting their pictures to work for them, designing postcards or ads from their pictures, additional prints, a DVD movie of their photo session, it varies, but there is no additional charge for some of this stuff.

Generally, my rates are:

  • $350 is my minimum fee (ideal for a single person portrait sitting).
  • $600 is my half day rate (up to 4 hours).
  • $1100 is my day rate (5-8 hours).
  • Travel is billed at $30.00 per hour or fraction thereof if traveling outside of the DFW Metropolitan area.

The bottom line is that you will have a great experience, and receive more than what you asked for.  If that is not enough for you to do business with me well, there’s always the cheap, boring guy across town…

If you have any questions that are not covered here, send me a message through the  “Contact Us” feature on this site.

Thank you,

Stevie G.